Welcome to the Mississippi Achievement School District.

A state law enacted in 2016 requires the Mississippi State Board of Education (SBE) to intervene in persistently failing school districts by placing the districts in a state-run Achievement School District (ASD). Districts that are rated “F” for two consecutive years or two out of three consecutive years, encompass 50% or more F-rated schools and/or have 50% or more of their students attending F-rated schools are subject to inclusion in the ASD. 

The SBE selected Humphreys County and Yazoo City to form the first Achievement School District, which will serve a total of 4,065 students, 1647 from Humphreys County and 2,418 from Yazoo City. Jermall Wright, Ed.D. serves as superintendent of Mississippi’s first Achievement School District. 

     Humphreys County School District          Yazoo City School District 

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