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The Office of Human Capital and Talent Management is dedicated to providing excellent personnel services by assisting the District’s schools and departments in hiring and retaining the best qualified applicants. We are responsible for all aspects of personnel relations from the time of hire through to retirement or resignation. More specifically, the Office of Human Resources assures compliance with employment laws and mandates, handles labor relations and collective bargaining issues, develops staffing recommendations, and administers all facets of the employee fringe benefit program. Our department procedures support the implementation of the District's plan of achievement by providing optimal service and support to meet the collective needs of our students, staff and community.


MASD is pleased to announce Teacher Recruitment and Retention Incentive Pay! 🍎 
$6,000.00 Teacher Incentive Signing:

1. Must hold a valid 5-year educator license issued by the Mississippi Department of Education
2. Must begin employment with the Mississippi Achievement School District prior to September 1 of the current school year
3. Must not be absent from work more than 10 days each school year (excluding district school business)
4. Must obtain satisfactory evaluation ratings (2.5-3.0)
Teacher Incentive Signing Distribution:
Year 1 (2022-23)
Year 2 (2023-24)
Year 3 (2024-25)
*Incentive is payable at the end of the employee contract period each year
Please contact Dr. Sametra Brown, Director of Human Capital and Talent Management
at or (662) 746-2125 for more information.

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