Child Nutrition


The Mississippi Achievement School District’s (MASD)-Child Nutrition Program is dedicated to our students’ health, well-being and their ability to learn.  We whole-heartedly support learning by promoting good nutrition and by providing students access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet their nutritional needs.

The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) is a self-supporting program that is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Funds/Resources for operation comes from the daily sale of breakfast and lunch to students; partial reimbursement for the cost of each meal served and a cash subsidy administered by the MS State Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition once a year.  These monies   pay for salaries, insurance, equipment, food and etc.  The CNP receives commodities through the State Office of Child Nutrition. These commodities are based on surplus food donated to the program by the USDA.

Adult Breakfast $2.50
Adult Lunch $4.00

Breakfast/Lunch Meal Patterns & Offer versus Serve
Offer versus Serve for Breakfast and Lunch allows the students to pick up 3 items.  One must be a ½ cup fruit or vegetable.  Under the OVS provision, STUDENTS MAY DECLINE MILK!!!!!!

Smart Snacks
Use this link to see if your snacks meet the Smart Snacks Standards or to see a list of snacks that are already approved

- Enter the Nutrition Facts information (from the back of the food or beverage label) in the Smart Snacks Calculator

- If snacks do not have a nutrition label and is made from scratch, contact the Food Service department to evaluate the recipe.

Competitive Food Sales Rule (Regulations)
- No food items will be sold on the school campus for one (1) hour before the start of any meal service period.
- Students who bring a lunch from home may purchase milk and milk products.
- Outside food items brought into the cafeteria must be taken out of orignal containers or covered.
- All items/fundraisers sold on school campuses shall meet the smart snack regulations.


1. Ensure that students needing diet modifications complete the “Medical Statement for Non-Disabled/Disabled Students” form. These forms are included in the registration packet and must be kept on file in the food service office and cafeteria.
2. Ensure diet modifications must have a written physicians/medical authority statement completed each year. 
3. Make sure all special meal requests are sent to the Director of Child Nutrition (Gail Hodo) at least 3-4 weeks prior of the event.
4. Have an open line of communication with Cafeteria Managers.
5. Adhere to the minimum and maximum meal times allotted for students and staff lunch and breakfast periods.  
6. Remember… is PROHIBITED to deny students a meal or purchase of an extra food item as punishment for behavior.

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) Letter

We are pleased to inform you that the Mississippi Achievement School District will continue to participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs... Click here to view letter.

G. Griffin-Hodo

Gail Hodo
Director, Child Nutrition & Operations
(662) 247.6073